Vastu Shastra Tips For Your New Home

Vastu Shastra is important to maintain peace, harmony and prosperity at home. It basically suggests the right plan, format, and directions to create a balance between all Vastu components. So, if you are buying a new home or moving into a refurnished one, keep these Vastu Shastra tips in mind and bring in all the positive energy.

Vastu Shastra Tips For Home

  • Home Entrance 

According to Vastu, the home entrance must lie in the North, East or Northeast direction. Meaning, you should be facing any of these directions when you step out of your house. These directions are considered auspicious as they attract positive energy and opportunities.

  • Living Area

A living area is a place of gathering where people bring all types of energy. Vastu suggests that the host should face North or East direction while greeting guests. Besides, the furniture should be placed in the south or southwest direction.

  • Bedroom

Make sure that your head faces south direction when you sleep. It brings calmness to the body. Keep only necessary things in your room and discard unused or broken material to prevent any negative vibes. Moreover, try to have enough light and air in all the rooms.

  • Kitchen

Both the kitchen and kitchen appliances must be in the southeast direction. Place your drinking water on the northeast side and your cooking stove in the southeast corner. Do not place the stove near the sink as water and fire are two opposite forces that do not go along.

  • Prayer Room

As Goddess Laxmi is the mother of wealth, it is auspicious to place a box full of cash in the prayer room to keep the money flowing in. The cash locker must be present near the southwest or southern wall. The locker should open in the north direction as it is assumed that Lord Kuber resides in the Northern direction.

  • Miscellaneous 

All rooms should have proper ventilation and sunlight facility to maintain the flow of positive energy. Apart from that, try using bright and lively colours like yellow, white, pink, coral, etc. for your furniture.

If you are a Vastu follower, these tips are the most basic ones and should be followed without any doubt. In addition to this, make sure that you move into your new house at the right time and perform Havan to remove all the negative energy from the dwelling.

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