Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra literally means ‘Science of Architecture’. Vastu Shastra Vidya is a traditional Indian architectural system which originated years back. Its the art of collaborating the architecture of a space with nature and its elements. It is essential that one balances the various elements in the space for positive energy. Learn more about Vastu Shastra Consultation on this page.

Importance of directions in Vastu Shastra

There are a total eight directions in the science of Vastu. Four of them being the cardinal directions including North, South, East and West. The other directions are called ordinal directions including NW, SE, SW and NE. It is essential to balance out these directions with correct energies in order to gain complete satisfaction in life.

Vastu Shastra

Directions should be measured with the help of a compass accurately from a given point in a space. It should never be determined by the position of the Sun as that is variable with different seasons.

Vastu Shastra Services

Vastu for a positive home/space

It is essential for any house to have the right flow of energies for it to become a home. Every space/house has a different energy field. The people occupying the house have different effects on the energy field of the space. Therefore it’s very crucial to understand the link between the healing art of Vastu and our homes/spaces in sharpening positivity and good vibes.

Keeping in mind the ‘ready-to-move-in’ houses can also be altered/healed with the art of Vastu Shastra by adding certain objects or rearranging present objects/furniture of the space in order to balance the energies.

Vastu for Commercial Factories

Our commercial Vastu shastra consultation services involve an extensive study of the finest aspects related to the process of manufacturing. We first try to understand the entire manufacturing process flow with each and every step involved in production and processing.

It is essential to understand where to place the heavy machinery in a plant in order to get maximum optimisation of the goods being produced. Electric rooms, Water Storage tanks, Location of cabins for directors, Elevations and slopes, Toilets, Kitchen and pantry are a few placements which will make or destroy the energy of a certain location. Everything has a certain energy and it is key to understand and place those rooms/energies accordingly.

Our solutions will always differ depending upon the nature of industry. For example, Quality is needed in every industry; but priority varies as per the industry; e.g., Manufacturing of plastics, the quality and colour shade is of utmost importance. For food and beverages industry, tastes comes first. It is essential to study the nature of the business and the provide a customised Vastu / Astrological solution to the concerned problems.

Our solutions and remedies can help you in :
• Increment in sales by procuring more orders.
• Optimum performance of machinery to achieve financial stability of the business.
• Increased production over time.
• Better quality and improved efficiency.
• Reducing wastage and avoiding thefts.
• Resolve legal problems.
• Overcome labour union issues and litigations
• Improved relations with suppliers.
• Safer work environment and reduction of accidents.

Vastu for Homes/Apartments/Farm Houses

Vastu Shastra for house is our most popular service amongst others. This service offers you solutions ranging from residential bungalows, apartments and farmhouses. We have collaborated with various architects and firms to develop detailed analysis in the first stage of home development. We have also given remedies to already built homes across the globe.

It gives our clients an opportunity to discuss freely about the challenges one might be facing in their lives or business relating to finances, health etc. One on one consultations helps sort all such issues and it helps provide an accurate analysis.
We give a detailed analysis that has proven to be extremely beneficial for our clients all over the world.

We don’t believe in changing the dynamics of a home completely. Unless really required, we don’t want the client to reconstruct or break existing houses. Hence, we provide practical and more doable solutions to cure one’s problems. There are many remedies that can be done simply without wasting much time, money and energy of the client.

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