Feng Shui

Feng shui is an age-old science that came into notice of people over 2000 years ago in China. The actual translation of “feng” means air and “shui” means water.

In Chinese culture, air and water are both associated with great health. Thus, feng shui means good fortune. Feng shui is basically the interaction of humans and their environments. It allows you to influence these energies to achieve specific life improvements. This influence is gained by positioning or designing your surroundings in harmony with principles of natural energy flow.

Feng shui reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for those living in it. These laws for arrangement and orientation are taken into account when people are designing buildings, placing furniture and possessions and even bodies. It offers a unique way of looking at these elements and provides positivity, comfort, and harmony into your environment.  

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