Relevance of Astrology in Human Life: Find Out

Vedic Astrology can be considered as transformational in nature. It aims to help in the process of an individual’s growth, broaden the level of consciousness and get rid of the mental limitations. In short, it can help a person lead a meaningful life.

Learn About Your Personality & Nature

If you consult an Astrologer, you can find out your unique personality traits on the basis of the date and time of birth. The daily planetary movements also influence your personality and nature. These movements can be studied in accordance to a your astronomical chart, prepared by an Astrologer. It further throws light on the changes that affect your life and mood.

There are various aspects of life that Astrology deals with. Some of them are:

Education, Career, Relationships, Marriage, Family, Finance, Social Status, Health

Astrology: An Art & Science

Astrology is a deep study since it is interpretation of the effect of stars and planets on humans. The principles of understanding the planetary and star movements are universally applicable, given they are based on certain mathematical systems. This makes Astrology a Science, while the practise of blending technique and data to make predictions is purely an art. Experience matters when it comes to Astrology, as intuition and knowledge of the Astrologer play a role in making predictions.

The application of scientific temper can be referred as Intelligence, while application of techniques and driving analysis based on experience is a role of Intuition. Both of them together form greater Insight into studying the cause and effect of star and planetary movements in relation to a person’s astrological chart.

Intelligence + Intuition = Insight (Integral in Astrology)

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