The Vedic Astrology as a concept involves looking at horoscopes after recording the time, date and place of birth of any person. These indicators help in calculating the movement of planets, moon and sun at the time of birth; which cast a strong impact on the personality and behaviour of people.

Role of Astrology IN EVERYDAY LIFE

  • Astrology provides new rays of hope and inner strength to overcome difficulties. 
  • Provides mental peace and calm 
  • Helps in taking life-decisions 
  • Provides guidance to choose education, job, business, life partner, and much more.
  • In knowing about the auspicious time to initiate new activities in life
  • Help in understanding one’s personality type and behaviour

Vedic Astrology History

Vedic astrology is considered to be the most ancient forms of Astrology. Its origin is believed to be from Vedas of Hindu Mythology. Hence, it’s been in practice for millions of years. The evidence of this is still present in the ancient texts. It is usually practised in India given its origin and is often referred as the Indian astrology.

As per this form of astrology, there are 12 zodiacs, 9 planets 12 houses and 27+1 constellations which are to be observed to get adequate information about their effect on anyone’s life.

How Astrology Works?

Astrologers analyse the birth chart from a psychological point to provide a sense of direction and meaning to one’s life. It is also the path to obtain insights into the personality as well as nature. It includes the understanding of the strengths and weakness to have self-control and awareness.

It can be considered a wise thing to work over one’s weak areas to be an evolved person. People develop more and more faith in the science of astrology when they observe its findings very similar to their regular mental patterns, habits and behaviours.

Based on the individualistic details of people, Astrologers discover events that could affect them. It is also up to the intuition and experience of Astrologers that some variations can be found in their analysis. They also present solutions to get rid of the foreseen issues.

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