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Our team works endlessly and loves to create happy homes and successful businesses with simple, affordable, logical & authentic Vastu Shastra Solutions. Our focus is to enhance your health, wealth and happiness by bringing you and your home energies into a wonderful alignment. By combining the sciences and all the five elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether we turn houses into homes. By doing this one achieves good health, completes their aspirations and achieve their goals with happiness in life. 

With extensive knowledge of Vastu/Feng Shui and with their intuitive power, they have a unique capability to find effective solutions for the most demanding problems for his clients. Our amazing insight and expertise in analysing the energies of the place quickly enable us to create the most tuneful and prosperous environments in homes, offices, plot sites, factories, hotels and restaurants.

Master Healer at Srinivasa Vastu

Mr. Keshav Kathuria (M.A., BSc Hons.)


Call: +91 9810803548 srinivasahealing@gmail.com


Based in New Delhi, India
Serving worldwide

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